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Avion Developments Inc.

Avion Developments Inc., has over 12 years of experience in land development. Avion unique vertical integration provides us with the ability and foresight to acquire raw, difficult to develop land and transform it into premium fully-serviced property for residential, commercial and industrial use.


Avion has been instrumental in working with communities on a variety of 

property transactions, many of which required creative solutions in order to bring Avion’s vision to fruition.


Since its inception, Avion Developments has developed a range of assets including Hilltop Industrial Phase 1, 7, 8 and 9, Prosperity Ridge, Deer Park Estates, and The Meadows Community. 

Avion Developments strives to maintain its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  

Our vertically integrated structure supports all levels of real estate development including:


• Land acquisitions

• City planning and public consultation processes

• Rezoning and subdivision approval

• Negotiation and construction of municipal servicing agreements

• Sales and marketing to end users

• Design and construction of build-to-suit facilities

• Financing

• Property management


This range of services allows Avion the ability to deliver unparalleled value to 

its clients making it a very competitive and well established company in land development.  

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