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Prosperity Way

Wal-Mart Site


Avion Developments acquired 43 acres of raw land in 2009 which would quickly become a retail center in Williams Lake known as Prosperity Ridge. The project was located in a mountainous area and required steep slope work, underground installation of water, sanitary and sewer services, rock blasting, retaining wall construction, logging, clearing & grubbing. This involved:


• moving 700,000 m³ of materials

• 100,000 m³ of stripping

• 500,000 m³ of till

• 100,000 m³ of blasted (shot) rock


Avion Developments worked with the municipal council of Williams Lake to rezone, subdivide and service the property for its intended uses. Early in the project, the client identified significant additional work requiring city approvals and negotiations with the city and adjacent landowners. The client also redesigned major components of the project. The additional work was completed and the project finalized prior to the contracted delivery date. Avion successfully sold 12 acres of fully serviced land complete with parking lot and exterior lighting to retail giant Wal-Mart at the end of the project.

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